""Our solution has been PROVEN to be more effective than any other product on the market today. And that means YOU will save even more money and time!"" 


Dear Friend,

If you'd like to enjoy spa at the comfort and privacy of your own home, enjoy great savings on time, money and transport and improve your overall health /well being, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

The SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine has the following capabilities that no one else has:

●     Ultrasonic Wave Bubbles

Natural source of ultrasonic power relaxes the entire body and works better than hot spring bath.

●     O3 anions

100,000 O3 laden air bubbles per second improves air and bathwater quality.

●     Far-infrared rays

Flexible mat of special ceramic cells create a magnetic field around the bather.

●     Internal warming

Ultrasonic power drives heat deep into the body and warms bones as well as internal organs improving blood circulation.

●     Massage

Deep massage for all 320 acupuncture points and harmonizes nervous system.

●    Skin cleansing

Deep cleansing of skin pores without need for soap.

●     Relaxation

Removes fatigue relaxes the body completely.

●     Beauty/Body Contouring

Ultrasonic wave and anions penetrate skin to stimulate cells. Skin becomes firmer, smoother and more resilient. Massaging helps to burn calories.

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

  • Reason one:

We have been working closely with our German experts in hydrotherapy research since 1991 and the result is the birth of our SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine.

  • Reason two:

Our Research & Development(R&D) and Manufacturing resources are all based under one roof in Taiwan, thereby ensuring that you get the best quality product at the most reasonable price.

  • Reason three:

We have been established in Taiwan since 1991 and have established offices in Singapore (August 2002), in Thailand (March 2003), in Hong Kong (February 2004), in Malaysia (Jun 2006) and recently in PR China (July 2006).


Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

Benefit One

- Contour and firm up body, restore skin smoothness, elasticity and muscle tone, bust enhancement and skin whitening effect

 Benefit Two

- Aid in weight loss by speeding up the metabolic process of vital organs and endocrine glands resulting in substantial caloric loss

 Benefit Three

- Increase and regulate blood circulation by promoting dilation of the micro-circulatory system of capillaries

 Benefit Four

- Normalization of blood cholesterol, stabilize blood pressure and balance the acid level in our body.

 Benefit Five

- Help to get rid of body toxin and metabolic wastes through the stronger flow of blood without heightening blood pressure

 Benefit Six

- Bring oxygen to joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains and strains thus relieving pains

 Benefit Seven

- Improve body metabolism and digestion

 Benefit Eight

- Improve body strength and health and speed up repair of body cells

 Benefit Nine

- Normalization of the prostate gland in men, thus improving weakness in excretion of urine and improving sexual functions

 Benefit Ten

- Boost immunity system and improve the nervous system

 Benefit Eleven

- Help aching and injured muscles recover faster

 Benefit Twelve

- Assist in the reduction of swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow

 Benefit Thirteen

- Reduce muscle spasms as muscle fibers are heated. Sooth aching muscles and shoulder pain

 Benefit Fourteen

- Reduce soreness through direct action on both free nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves

 Benefit Fifteen

- Strengthening the body and up-keeping health, thus preventing diseases

 Benefit Sixteen

- Therapeutic effect on the human body which is capable of treating various common ailments

 Benefit Seventeen

- Relieve arthritis, neuralgia and backache

 Benefit Eighteen

- Treat patients with diabetes and Parkinson disease

 Benefit Nineteen

- Improvement shown in patients with piles

 Benefit Twenty

- Prevent attacks in asthma patients

 Benefit Twenty-One

- Treat skin disease, fungal infections and athlete's foot

 Benefit Twenty-Two

- Cure frostbite in 4-5 sessions

 Benefit Twenty-Three

- Reduce muscle wasting in paralyzed and polio patients

 Benefit Twenty-Four

- Treat hardening and narrowing of blood vessels in stroke patients

 Benefit Twenty-Five

- Suppress cancer growth and its relapse

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things!

Ultrasonic Wave Bubbles

●     In ancient times, pilgrims were able to withstand the harsh conditions of living in the wilderness because they used the water in streams to bathe. The natural bubbles found in hot springs have both a massage and warming effect on the body, thus relieving physical and mental fatigue.

●     Why do we feel so relaxed both physically and mentally when we are near a waterfall? This is because the natural bubble hydrosonic energy present in waterfalls has the effect of calming one’s nerves.

●     Modern scientific research reveals that the hydrosonic energy in water that arises from temperature difference, flotation, flow speed, pressure as well as the collision and subsequent breaking of bubbles is beneficial to our health. This energy vibrates through the water and has the effect of massaging our muscles, generating heat quickly, calming our nerves, promoting circulation and relieving fatigue         
Far Infrared Red Rays and Ozone/Negative Ions

●     After a downpour, the air is particularly refreshing! There is a faint smell of freshly cut grass, and that’s what we call ozone! Modern science has made it possible to generate ozone (O3) and negative ions, using a method based on same principle as how nature produces ozone via thunder and lightning.

●     According to research conducted by Dr Warburg (1966 Noble prize winner), ozone (O3) and negative ions can improve the rate at which our body tissue absorbs and uses oxygen, as well as increase cellular energy. The regular use of an ozone warm bath can help to remove the aging cuticle layer from one’s skin. Result is that the skin feels smooth, moisturized and finer in texture. Ozone and negative ions also improve the quality of the bath water and air within the bathroom.

●     Scientists have discovered that some substances contain abundant far infrared energy. Through technology, these substances are used to make “products which emit energy” to improve people’s health.

●     According to a study conducted by the US Aviation Administration, under normal temperature, far infrared rays of 8 - 14 mm wavelength are able to penetrate about 4 - 5 cm beneath the skin through radiation, penetration and magnetic resonance to warm the body internally and thus, improve metabolism, tissue regeneration, etc.




 Effect of Ultrasonic Bubbles

●     Heat penetration promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue.

●    In water, ultrasonic bubbles are transmitted 5-6 times faster than the speed of sound; when they come into rapid contact with interfaces of varying expansion factor, the ultrasound energy is converted into heat energy. Hence, when one is submerged in an ultrasonic bubble bath for 10 minutes, this heat energy can penetrate into the body. The internal warming effect on the body works from inside out; just like cooking eggs in a hot spring, the egg yolk would be cooked first, followed by the egg white and finally, the shell.

●     Comparatively, in a normal hot bath, it takes about 90 minutes for the heat to penetrate the body right to the bones, and the temperature has to be high at 42 centigrade or 107 Fahrenheit. The heat is transmitted from outside in, like cooking eggs in a pot, where the shell would be cooked first, followed by the egg white and then the egg yolk. However, prolonged and continual use of very hot baths can cause fainting spells and is harmful to health.

●     Based on experiments conducted by Dr Hashimoto of Shibaura Institute of Technology, the absorption rate of ultrasound by the body is: bones – 13%, muscles – 3.3% and water – 0.0022%. Hence, heat penetration via ultrasound is much faster for humans because 65% of our body is made up of water.       


Full Body Massage 

●     The strong flow and rhythmic pressure of ultrasonic bubble waves has a massaging effect on 320 pressure points found on our body. It helps to stimulate and activate the body cells so that one feels most relaxed after a hard day’s work (according to estimates by experts, the effect of 10 minutes of ultrasonic bubble bath is equivalent to that of an hour’s massage by a professional masseur)

●     Every second of ultrasonic waves generates about 10,000 - 15,000 micro-vibrations, i.e. every cm of the skin is subjected to 1.5 kg of pressure, which has an effect equivalent to high quality exercise (according to expert estimates, the effect of 15 minutes of ultrasonic wave bath is equivalent to that of a 3-km jog)

●     Regular use of the ultrasonic wave bath aids in stimulating and strengthening the physiological system, thereby enhancing the sexual life of married couples. 

Deep Cleansing 

●     The ultrasonic wave machine releases a huge quantity of ozone every second, producing strong ultrasonic waves that vibrate and transmit through the water, penetrating the skin’s subcutaneous tissue and cleansing the pores. This allows cells to breathe better, helps the body to discharge its waste products, thereby improving metabolism and contributing to beauty and body shaping effects for the body.

●     A 15-minute bath daily, coupled with targeted massaging of the breasts will strengthen collagen and elastic fiber in that area, resulting in the breasts becoming full and attractive. (Valuable jewelry is also cleaned using ultrasonic waves to revive their sparkle and glitter).


Don't take my word for it.  Listen to what our customers say:

  • Ms. Zhou of Taiwan fell from 2nd floor of her apartment and hurt her back and pelvic bones. After several operations, her doctor told her she would be wheelchair bound for life!  After using the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine for 6 months, she  was  able to walk and after a year, she was able to dance with high heel shoes! Every time she shares her testimony, she would weep!     
  • Mr. Lee Poh Meng, aged 78 years, suffers from liver cancer. He uses the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine daily and is happy that the hydrotherapy enables him to enjoy his morning walk, play table tennis and dance.
  • Mdm. Kee Chong Kim, aged 80 years, suffers from degeneration of the kneecap tissue and finds walking very painful. But after using the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine, she can walk comfortably.

  • The SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine has helped Ms Lau Bee Bee not only to lose several kilograms, but has also given her better health and improve her quality of life. She is ever so ready to share her testimony with anyone! 

    Warning: Do NOT buy any Home SPA machine, unless it meets the following 6 criteria 


    There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

    1:     One year's warranty and lifetime servicing.
    2:     High output: 500W, 46 liters of air laden with ozone and anions
    3:     Safety guaranteed: compliant with CSA and CE requirements for the US
            Canadian  market and others.
    4:     Easy D.I.Y installation; light and portable.
    5:     Energy-saving: 110V/220V selection.
    6:     Economical: 1/4 the price of imported Jacuzzis.


    You get at least 10 times your money's worth!


    Our cost of Research & Development, Manufacturing and others amounted to millions of dollars. But today, you will be enjoying a very special offer!!


    In summary, here's what you get: 


       ●  One Unit of SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA high tech processing unit equipped with timer and intensity control and hose.
       ●  One unit of ceramic cells in flexible mat 
       ● One unit of waterproof neck pillow