Why have a Home Spa?

Are you ready for the ultimate home spa experience in your home? Then you’ve come to the right place.

There’s simply no better way to relax in your home after a long day at work or a hard workout than to do so in your own home spa. No expensive health clubs to join, no having to step out into cold weather after a long, relaxing soak to drive home, no sharing your time in the spa with other people (unless you want to). And over time, purchasing your own home spa is cheaper than joining a health club. You also have the convenience of being able to use it any time it’s convenient for you and you can do so in the privacy of your own home.

The SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home Spa turns your bathtub into a home spa. Its “bubble ultrasound” technology creates hypersonic wave energy by the continuous collision of the bubbles, which is perfectly safe for humans and provides a deep massage to all 320 acupressure points.

For a relaxing massage, look no further than your home spa. Stepping into your spa and putting it on a massage setting is a great way to soothe away the aches and pains of the day, no masseuse needed. Ideally, water temperature should be about 98 degrees Farenheit/37 degrees celsius

Need to relax your mind as well as your body? Aromatic bath oils are the perfect answer. They provide a soothing or stimulating backdrop to your spa session, depending on which scent you choose. Have you had a stressful day and are you looking to unwind? Then, lavender bath oils are a perfect addition to your spa session. Do you have a busy night ahead of you, so that you need to be energized? Then rosemary bath oils may be the perfect answer.

The different types of essential bath oils and bath salts also are beneficial to different types of health conditions. For example, if you suffer from migraine headaches, both lavender and rosemary essential oils, depending on what is most appropriate for you given your situation (see above), such as whether you have a busy or relaxing night ahead of you, will help ease them. For overall health, Melissa, seaweed or lemon bath salts should be used. For acne problems especially (a problem for both teens and women approaching middle age) lemon salt is beneficial. For water retention, try seaweed salt.

For a complete list of bath oils and salts and their effects, please click on “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions), then “What is the recommended usage of different types of bath salts?” This page will list not only the bath salts and their effects, but different bath oil scents and their effects as well.

In short, there’s simply no more cost-effective, enjoyable and convenient way to treat yourself to a daily spa than by purchasing your own SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home Spa machine.

Our portable home spas are affordable and efficient and you have stacked up your closet with all kind of exotic aromatic bath oils and spa salts for that ultra-luxuriant bath and a glowing skin.

Other than making you feel rejuvenated and relaxed, a home spa can be beneficial for your health too. The team, balenotherapy, which involves treatment of disease by bathing, is being applied in all kinds of spa treatment nowadays, be it a health spa, beauty spa or home spa. Of course you cannot expect the same kinds of services and treatments that you get a commercial beauty spa or health spa to be provided in your home spa setting. Nevertheless , a home spa goes long way in improving and stimulating your day-to-day health.

The prohibitive costs of spa therapies at commercial spas come in the way of enjoying a spa experience for many families. There also comes the time constraint factor. A home spa makes spa experience for the entire family, very affordable and gives an opportunity for the family to get together and have weekends without stepping out of house!