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Forest Pas

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“Forest Pas” comprises the sap extracted from highly quality trees and leaves (for example, rubber tree, chestnut tree and cypress tree). The sap is reduced to powder concentrate and added to yellow soil and Chitosan, … etc.

According to a report by the US Foot Diseases Association, our feet support the most weight. For example, for a man of 68 kg, the weight supported by the feet is 85 kg (weight plus 25%). Let’s assume that he walks 6.5 km per day, the weight supported by the feet is 650 tonnes. Hence, the feet, which are farthest away from the heart, easily accumulate toxic elements, giving rise to various diseases. When the feet are swollen, we will feel very tired and uncomfortable. Many studies revealed that foot diseases are closely related to physical and physiological discomfort, aging, … etc. Hence, healthy feet ensure good physical health.